Uniform Policy

Student Dress Code

All students are expected to wear appropriate clothing which includes pants, shorts, shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses, and footwear at all times. Our school’s shirt color is navy blue however we do not have a color requirement for tops or bottoms. The following items are not permitted:

Short shorts, skirts, dresses, or bottoms that do not cover undergarments.
Clothing that does not cover the torso.
See-through or revealing clothing.
Muscle shirts, spaghetti strap tops, or midriff tops.
Head wear other than for religious purposes.
Clothing with profane writings, insignias, sexual implications, or advertising of drug, alcohol or tobacco products.
Flip-flops, open-toe shoes, cleats, or roller skate shoes.

In the event a student fails to follow this dress code, the parent/guardian will be contacted by school administration. The student may be provided loaner clothing by the school or the family may be asked to bring an appropriate change of clothes or shoes to school. School administration reserves the right to judge any form of dress that may be appropriate or inappropriate, disruptive, or unsafe for the school environment.