Our Staff

Charles W. Henry school has an amazing staff. On this page you will find their room assignments and contact information. Please click on the teacher’s name to access their classroom website (if applicable).                                                                              

Lower School Staff:

Upper School Staff:


Special Education Department:

Support Staff:

  • Camille Barnes, Student Climate Staff/SSA
  • Dawn Fulton, Student Climate Staff
  • Elizabeth Laureano, Climate Staff
  • Brent Washington, Student Climate Staff
  • Alicia Young, Student Climate Staff/SSA
  • Rasheeda Davenport, Food Service Manager
  • Charlyne Miller, Food Service Assistant

Custodial Team:

  • Kenneth McCutchen, Building Engineer, kmccutchen@philasd.org
  • Kimyatta Richards, Custodial Assistant
  • Sade Skelton, General Cleaner
  • Aleaya Spicer, General Cleaner
  • Sylvan Middleton, General Cleaner

Special Education Assistants:

  • Aliesha Campbell, 6-8 Autistic Support
  • Linda Chapin, 3-5 Autistic Support
  • Carlton Clarke, Sixth grade
  • Ashley Day, 6-8 Autistic Support
  • Brenda Delrosario, 3-5 Autistic Support
  • Helen DiCianno, 3-5 Autistic Support
  • Adoniz Edwards, K-2 Autistic Support
  • Agnes Edwards, Learning Support
  • Christine Farmbry, K-2 Autistic Support
  • Kim Gay, K-2 Autistic Support
  • Earle Miles, Learning Support
  • Wesley Moe, Learning Support
  • Jennifer Polk, 3-5 Autistic Support
  • Stephanie Pridgen, 6-8 Autistic Support
  • Tiffani Sealy, Learning Support
  • Ayesha Talley, Learning Support
  • Krystina Vazquez, Floater
  • Malika Williams, 3-5 Autistic Support