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Our faculty and staff

Please click on the teachers name to find their classroom website (if applicable).


Administrative Staff                                                                                    

Principal – Mrs. Rogers:
Principal Fellow – Mrs. Summer Shelton
School Based Teacher Leader- Mrs. Greenhall:
Secretary – Ms. Liew:
Nurse –  Ms. Smith:
Counselor – Mr. Brogan:
School Psychologist – Dr. 
Speech – Ms. Tamara Sepe –  Room 110A
PT – Ms. Theresa Condran

Support Staff

School Police Officer- Officer Willie Miller
Noontime Aides- Mr. Washington, Mrs. Chapin, Ms. Diggs,  Ms. Fulton, Mr. Blount
Food Service Manager-Ms. Buckner and Ms. Rasheeda
Building Engineer, Mr. Kenny
Custodial Assistant, Mr. Edward
General Cleaners: Ms. Gwen and Ms. Raye


Ms. Shell, Room 108

Colleen DiMartino, Room 110

1st Grade
Katharina Mullins-Sheard, Room 101

Meredith Schecter, Room 102

2nd Grade
Rebecca Rascher, Room 109

Samantha Winterstein, Room 215

3rd Grade
Carl Jackson, Room 113

Micah Gillum, Room 112

4th Grade
Kristine Heberley, Room 103

Kelly Cook, Room 104

Yvette Fisher, Room 215

Mr. Solis, (interim teacher) Room 215

5th Grade
Joanne Collins, Room 105

Kate Bitto, Room 106

6th Grade
Christopher Wright, Math 6th and 7th, Room 204

Jessica Wirship, 6th and 7th  ELA, Room 202

7th Grade
Francesca Cantarini, Social Studies, Room 209

Margaret Harley, Science Room 210

8th Grade
Crystal Raup,  ELA 7th and 8th, Room 207

Kimberly Smith, Math 7th and 8th, Room 208

Chariss Miller, Gifted Support and Interim Dean

Lauren Pownall, Computer Tech, Room 214

BethAnne Scamby

Amanda Johnson

Phys Ed/Health, Track Coach
Jason Munter

Music, Choir,Theater
Nicole Paulino-Trisdorfer

Jordan Graef

Special Education Faculty:
Karen Rama, Room 111

Jennifer Gething, special ed. liaison, Room 206

Alexandra Cost, Room 217

Rachael Tannen, Room 218

Michelle Brisgone, Room 114

Christine Grant, Autistic Support, Room 202


Last modified: September 26, 2018